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Picasso Museum to Reopen after Long Awaited Renovation Project

17 October 2014

Museum to Reopen on the 25th October 2014

Pablo Picasso was once famously quoted as saying "Give me a museum and I'll fill it", and that's exactly what he did. The Musée Picasso in Paris is the most comprehensive collection of the famous artist's work, with over 5,000 pieces in its possession. So vast is the collection, the museum eventually realised a considerable expansion was needed, the result of which the public will get to experience from the 25th October, when the museum reopens its doors for the first time in five years.


A Truly Remarkable Legacy for One of History's Most Influential Artists

Even among the uninitiated, Picasso's name is consistently included amongst history's greatest and most important artists, both for his body of work and the influence he has had on art movements and other artists. No less than ten of Picasso's artworks feature in the 50 most expensive pieces of art ever sold, and 'Le Rêve' was sold for an astonishing $155million in 2013.

One of Picasso's most acclaimed qualities was the constant evolution and experimentation in new styles and techniques. He is most well-known for pioneering cubist work, along with surrealism, which he explored in later life. When he died in 1973, Picasso had kept over 5,000 of his own pieces of work, hence the need to commemorate the work with a suitably grand museum.


A Walk through the Life of a Genius

Opened in 1985, the Musée Picasso is only one of a number of museums dedicated to the man himself. However, with the extensive range of work, ranging from the artist's early days to work shortly before his death, the huge collection in the Musee Picasso provides the most complete look at his life and work. The museum follows a chronological order, giving you the opportunity to see Picasso's development for yourself and see how his brilliance shone through, regardless of style or subject matter.

In 2009, the decision was made to expand the Hôtel Salé, where the museum is housed, to provide a better experience for visitors. Initially expected to cost roughly €25million and take two years, by the time it opens the project will have taken five years and cost almost €52million. However, despite its problems, the resulting gallery is something very special.


Bringing a Classic Gallery into the 21st Century

With the grand reopening date fast approaching, the arts scene is buzzing with excitement. For almost five years, the cultural epicentre that is Paris, has been bereft of one of its greatest collections, which have spent the period travelling the globe. The newly renovated gallery not only returns many of Picasso's most important pieces to what is considered his spiritual home, but also many artefacts from the Spaniard's studio along with his own personal collection from artists he admired, like Matisse, Cézanne and Rousseau.

To bring the museum up to modern standards, the interior underwent a major remodelling, simultaneously providing a better viewing experience and returning the décor to its original splendour of the buildings 17th century heyday. Space freed up by moving administrative departments into adjacent buildings has massively increased the exhibition space.


Experience the Magnitude of Picasso's Work for Yourself

On the 25th October 2014, which is also the 133rd anniversary of his birth, the great and the good of Paris will make their way eagerly around the Musée Picasso, followed closely by Parisian residents and art lovers from across the globe. With the Louvre and Centre Pompidou among the countless art galleries in the city, Paris is arguably the dream destination for art lovers. However, with the return of the Musée Picasso, the city's art world feels complete once more.

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